Don’t burn the bridge. You might need it someday!


With all the journeys life leads us on, we’re bound to circle back to roads once traveled, that we never thought we’d see again. When we find ourselves unexpectedly in a place once so well known, but now almost completely forgotten, we’re going to need the bridges we left behind.
Our instinct will push us to burn those bridges as we flee. Leave no way for the enemy to follow. Buy us time to run to the freedom that at the moment, looks so tempting. FIGHT THAT FEELING!Don’t burn those bridges. They could end up being the only way back to a place we might one day miss so much that we’d do almost anything to see again.
“Life rarely makes sense, but it seldom appears logical when we’re running for our lives from a future we fear won’t fulfill us.”

Trust me when I tell you: While it’s always possible to rebuild anything we’ve destroyed, time is never on our side, and what’s new is never the same as what was. Run if you feel it’s the only option, but leave your bridges standing, you’ll need them again when you come to your senses. “The toughest beginning often leads us to a beautiful destination.” So don’t burn the bridge. You might need it someday!


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I am an intelligent, hard working, pro makeup artist, future entrepreneur, future wife, a cashier, and a blogger

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