It’s Time To Let Go!


10 Signs it’s Time to Let Go

Holding on is being brave, but letting go and moving on is often what makes us stronger and happier.

Here are ten signs it’s time to let go:

  1. Someone expects you to be someone you’re not. – Don’t change who you are for anyone else.  It’s wiser to lose someone over being who you are, than to keep them by being someone you’re not.  Because it’s easier to mend a broken heart, than it is to piece together a shattered identity.  It’s easier to fill an empty space in your life where someone else used to be, than it is to fill the empty space inside yourself where YOU used to be.
    2. A person’s actions don’t match their words. – Everybody deserves somebody who helps them look forward to tomorrow.  If someone has the opposite effect on you, because they are consistently inconsistent and their actions don’t match up with their words, it’s time to let them go.  It’s always better to be alone than to be in bad company.  True friendship is a promise made in the heart – silent, unwritten, unbreakable by distance, and unchangeable by time.  Don’t listen to what people say; watch what they do.  Your true friends will slowly reveal themselves over time.
    3. You catch yourself forcing someone to love you. – Let us keep in mind that we can’t force anyone to love us.  We shouldn’t beg someone to stay when they want to leave.  That’s what love is all about – freedom.  However, the end of love is not the end of life.  It should be the beginning of an understanding that love sometimes leaves for a reason, but never leaves without a lesson.  If someone truly loves you, they will never give you a reason to doubt it.  Anyone can come into your life and say how much they love you, but it takes someone really special to stay in your life and prove how much they love you.  Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right person, but the right person is always worth the wait.  Read The Road Less Traveled.
    4. An intimate relationship is based strictly on physical attraction. – Being beautiful is more than how many people you can get to look at you, or how others perceive you at a single glance.  It’s about what you live for.  It’s about what defines you.  It’s about the depth of your heart, and what makes you unique.  It’s about being who you are and living out your life honestly.  It’s about those little quirks that make you, you.  People who are only attracted to you because of your pretty face or nice body won’t stay by your side forever.  But the people who can see how beautiful your heart is will never leave you.
    5. Someone continuously breaks your trust. – Love means giving someone the chance to hurt you, but trusting them not to.  When you completely trust a person, without any doubt, you’ll automatically get one of two results – a FRIEND for life or a LESSON for life.  Either way there’s a positive outcome.  Either you confirm the fact that this person cares about you, or you get the opportunity to weed them out of your life and make room for those who do.  In the end you’ll discover who’s fake, who’s true, and who would risk it all for you.  And trust me, some people will totally surprise you.
    6. Someone continuously overlooks your worth. – Know your worth!  When you give yourself to someone who doesn’t respect you, you surrender pieces of your soul that you’ll never get back.  There comes a point when you have to let go and stop chasing some people.  If someone wants you in their life, they’ll find a way to put you there.  Sometimes you just need to let go and accept the fact that they don’t care for you the way you care for them.  Let them leave your life quietly.  Letting go is oftentimes easier than holding on.  We think it’s too hard to let go, until we actually do.  Then we ask ourselves, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”
    7. You are never given a chance to speak your mind. – Sometimes an argument saves a relationship, whereas silence breaks it.  Speak up for your heart so that you won’t have regrets.  Life is not about making others happy.  Life is about being honest and sharing your happiness with others.
    8. You are frequently forced to sacrifice your happiness. – If you allow people to make more withdrawals than deposits in your life, you will be out of balance and in the negative before you know it.  Know when to close the account.  It’s always better to be alone with dignity than in a relationship that constantly requires you to sacrifice your happiness and self-respect.  Read Stumbling on Happiness.
    9. You truly dislike your current situation, routine, job, etc. – It’s better to be a failure at something you love than to succeed at doing something you hate.  Don’t let someone who gave up on their dreams talk you out of going after yours.  The best thing you can do in life is follow your heart.  Take risks.  Don’t just make the safe and easy choices because you’re afraid of what might happen.  If you do, nothing will ever happen.  Chances must be taken, mistakes must be made, and lessons must be learned.  It might be an uphill climb, but when you reach that mountaintop it will be worth every ounce of blood, sweat and tears you put into it.
    10. You catch yourself obsessing over, and living in, the past. – Eventually you will overcome the heartache, and forget the reasons you cried, and who caused the pain.  Eventually you will realize that the secret to happiness and freedom is not about control or revenge, but in letting things unfold naturally, and learning from your experiences over the course of time.  After all, what matters most is not the first, but the final chapter of your life, which unveils the details of how well you wrote your story.  So let go of the past, set yourself free, and open your mind to the possibility of new relationships and priceless experiences.  Read The Power of Now.

And the one thing you should never let go of is hope.  Remember what you deserve and keep pushing forward.  Someday all the pieces will come together.  Unimaginably good things will transpire in your life, even if everything doesn’t turn out exactly the way you had anticipated.  And you will look back at the times that have passed, smile, and ask yourself, “How did I get through all of that?

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Best regards

Alice Afari 😍



My suicide story- Final Episode written by yours truly, Perci Nii Aryee Mensah!

MY SUICIDE STORY- final episode

After the exams, I struggled to go back home. And that was all for me that particular term. I didn’t get to write the rest of the exams for that term. Each day that followed came with its own pains. I had an excruciating headache and I was dying in pains. Nobody understood why I’d cry like a baby. The pains were just too much for me to bear. At night when everyone was sleeping, I’ll be alone in my room crying my eyes out. Sometimes, I’d stand in the house, in the middle of the night, and be asking God questions, why He watches on as I go through so much pains. With all these, I was not offered any care, support or whatsoever. My aunt will leave and only come back later in the day to ask how I was faring. Well, I couldn’t complain or blame her because in her prophetic life, she had seen worse things than what I was going through, I thought. Even herself, when she was sick, she still moves out to work. That’s been life, I leave that to her. But with all these, I was dying and I needed love, care and support from people, none came. My parents didn’t also know what was going on with me. The reason? They had no phones. Throughout my stays, it’s either my mum visited my aunt to check on me or I visited home. To come to Accra in such ailing moments too was the least I’d do. The only things you’d see me doing were lying on my bed and wailing. I’ll later find out that I had been attacked with a disease called “nnantwie p)mp). It is a boil in the head and it is very deadly. Medically, there used to be no cure. And if by ignorance, you take it to the hospital and you’re injected, death is your sure warrant. But thank God, there’s a cure now in the hospitals.

So one midnight, the sickness worsened. That day brought with it the worse pains in my life. And that was the same time, the idea of suicide occurred to me. I decided to end it all by taking my own life. With that, I felt I’ll be free and wouldn’t have to go through such pains anymore. I crawled slowly to the kitchen for a knife, stood behind my door to end it all. Amidst crying I asked God my last questions, why He can’t just take all those pains away from me. But before I could struck myself with the knife I heard footsteps from the compound. I decided to sneak out to check who it was. Lo and behold, it was another sick man, who has been brought to my aunt to be cured. For the past few days he has been drinking himself to stupor. And for fear of chastisement he has also been sneaking out of the house to drink at night. “Nii, why are you not asleep?” He asked in Fante when he saw me. He didn’t end there, he walked straight to me and struck a long convo with me. You know how people who are drank can talk. Even today, I still can’t come to terms with what happened. This man engaged me as if he knew what I wanted to do to myself, and he wouldn’t also allow me to leave, as he was very much aware I was so much in pains, and all that he said was not going through my ears. But that’s how God decided to save me. It’s miraculous right? Well, God has saved me so many times, even now.

The next morning , as if by a miracle, my aunt took interest in my ailment. She asked me to get dressed so we go see a man who was specialized in such sickness. The journey though very long and painful for me was worth it. Gradually, through two months, I fully recovered. Those who doubt this, ask this gentleman Frederick Afful, my closest pal in SHS. He knows of this story but didn’t know I wanted to take my own life than today.

What’s your suicide story too? Why don’t you wanna share? For all you know somebody out there might take a clue from it and find a reason not to take his/her own life.

But to you also going through so much troubles and wanna end your life. Let these words from Dr. Gabriel Eshun encourage you- “Contemplating suicide is the medicine the devil gives to those individuals he feels he has to finish them quick before they realise their truest potentials.” Don’t take your own life no matter what. Be encouraged.

My suicide story- written by Perci


After performing quite exceptionally good in the jhs, I gained admission to the most prestigious school – Swedru Secondary School (SWESCO), nobody should laugh. For some awkward reason only known to God, I could not enroll as a boarder though that’s how the school admitted me. So I chose to stay with my aunt (a prophetess) and two of her daughters (she has six children though. The remaining four stayed in the town), whose house was on the outskirts of the town, no lights in the neighborhood for the good three years I stayed there, and also very farther away from the school. My aunt’s house served as a haven for the sick. People from all walks of life came to my aunt for their healings, even the chief of Swedru town was once brought there. As far as I know, God used my aunt mightily to do wonders. But enough of this background descriptions. Let’s get to the real story.

My shs days were full of pains and sorrows. The first two and half years I spent in school was fraught with one sickness to the other. The sickness behaved as if it had the skin of a chameleon, changing its phases like it’s got no head. I was never a happy person. Sadly these sicknesses came only during the mornings and evenings, when it was time to go to school on one hand and time to go to bed on the other hand. I really had a hard time. Some of the close friends I have here will attest to the fact that I was most at times absent from school. On a scale of 70 days in school, expect me to make only 20. I would later understand that all these were just some spiritual attacks from another relative who just hated to see me in school, funny right? But God never left my side. He gave me the strength to withstand all these hard times.

In shs 2 third term, I had visited home in Accra, to spend a few days with my family. And the following Monday, was the same day we were to start writing our exams. To get well prepared for the exams, I decided to leave for my Aunt’s on Sunday. So I did leave and arrived to find out my aunt had also traveled to a different region to attend a sick person. The next day (Monday) when I tried waking up, I felt a sharp pain in my head. My small head has become very heavy. And that made getting up very difficult. Surprisingly, I was only able to wake up when I held my head with my two hands and called the name “Jesus.’’ I then struggled to the bathhouse to wash down and prepare for school (Mind you, it was exams time, so I couldn’t miss it). All eyes were on me, when I left for the road to board a taxi to school. The reason people were looking at me was because I walked like a robot. There was so much pain in my head such that I couldn’t dare turn my neck. I got to school alright and was able to write the two papers slated for that day. Even with that, I managed to get a D and a E when results were posted on the notice board the next term. But how do you expect me to score a higher grade when I was in so much pains?

To be continued………



Here is a list of 26 life lessons I have learned so far. I pass this list on to you with the simple hope that, it makes you think. Sometimes thinking about your life and sorting out what you have learned is just as important as tackling a new venture.

1.Being an adult can be fun when you know you are acting like a child.

2.Love ❤ has nothing to do with looks, but everything to do with time, trust, and interest.

3.Laughing, crying, joy, and anger… All are vital… This makes us all humans

4.The greatest truth is life are uncovered with simple, steady awareness.

5.Greed will bury even the lucky eventually.

6.Bad things do happen to the good people.

7.Paving your own road is intelligent only if nobody has gone exactly where you are going.

8.Uncertainty is caused by lack of knowledge. Hesitation is the product of fear 😱.

9.Time heals all wounds…regardless of how you feel right now.

10.Most of the time what you are looking for is right in front of you… Face your fears.

11.Your health is your life.

12.Chance is a gift 🎁, so act on chance when given an opportunity.

13.Kindness and hard work will take you further than intelligence.

14.People deserve a second chance, but not a third.

15.Marry your best friend.

16.Take lots of pictures. Someday you’ll be really glad you did.

17.Money makes life easier only when the money is yours free and clear.

18.Carelessness is the root of failure.

19.Your actions now create memories you will reminisce and talk about in your Elder years.

20.Stepping out in your comfort zone will put things into perspective from an angle you can’t grasp now.

21.Motivation comes in short burst. Act while it’s hot.

22.Purposely ignoring the obvious is like walking 🚶 backwards toward the enemy.

23.Taking ownership of failure builds the foundation for success.

24.First impressions are completely worthless 50% of the time.

25.Personal glory last forever.

26.If you never act, you will never know for sure!



Innocence is basically a word that you can only apply to children and young teenagers who don’t have a clue about the world. They believe that everything will turn out right no matter what you do and no matter what happens to them, they are happy. If a parent dies, they are sad for a while, but then they believe that the person that is gone watches over them and is happy all of the time, so the child slowly heals and thinks that the world is a bunch of roses again.

As a child, you often think that the biggest problem in the world is that you’ve lost your lunch money and you have to go to the office and borrow some money, before getting your mother to pay it back. That is how innocent a child is in our society. They never really pick up on the big things in life, like how they have to get good grades in school or what they are going to be when they grow up to be adults. Life as a child is easy because they just ignore the fact that there are bad things in life. They always think that life is good and that it will get better as you grow older.

Children are so innocent that they always say “when I grow up I want to be a doctor.” Or “when I grow up I want to marry a millionaire and then I won’t have to work.” What they don’t realise is that they have to work very hard to be a doctor and that it isn’t that easy to find a millionaire who wants to marry you. They are too innocent to realise that they might not get their dream job because they didn’t study enough and so they couldn’t get into the course, they just think that they’ll automatically get changed into a doctor over night when they leave school. That is how innocent a child is, they never think that there is hard work in life.

Innocence means that they don’t really know what is going on in the real world. That basically applies to children, but it could apply to young teenagers like me who live in the middle of nowhere. Children react to what they see, and if they don’t see anything bad happen to them, they think that there is absolutely nothing worse in the world than falling over in the playground and scraping their knee. That is basically one of the worst things in the world for a small child. It doesn’t mean that they are totally oblivious to the outside world, but it means that they are not as aware of the world as adults are.

Being aware of the world can mean lots of different things. Children quite often understand things that adults will have forgotten how to understand. For example, children know straight away when a friend of there is upset, but a lot of the time, adults can’t even figure out if they are upset themselves. So it really depends on the way that you mean to say the word ‘innocence’ because children are not altogether innocence inside and outside, but they do have innocence because they basically have no worries. They might worry about getting beaten up in the school playground, but they don’t normally worry about it too much.

The innocence of childhood can be easily taken away and it often is nowadays. Children that are abused or have really bad things happen to them at about the age of 6 and up often start to act differently and their innocence is stolen, making them act older and that steals away their childhood. After all, the biggest part of childhood is the child’s innocence. If it wasn’t for innocence, there wouldn’t be any children in the world. We would just have a whole lot of young adults and there wouldn’t be as much laughter as there is now with the children of this world.

Innocence is the most important part of childhood. We have to make sure that a child’s innocence is never taken away from them.



Don’t burn the bridge. You might need it someday!

With all the journeys life leads us on, we’re bound to circle back to roads once traveled, that we never thought we’d see again. When we find ourselves unexpectedly in a place on…

Source: Don’t burn the bridge. You might need it someday!

Never burn the bridge, you might need it someday!

AboutWith all the journeys life leads us on, we’re bound to circle back to roads once traveled, that we never thought we’d see again. When we find ourselves unexpectedly in a place once so well known, but now almost completely forgotten, we’re going to need the bridges we left behind.
Our instinct will push us to burn those bridges as we flee. Leave no way for the enemy to follow. Buy us time to run to the freedom that at the moment, looks so tempting. FIGHT THAT FEELING!Don’t burn those bridges. They could end up being the only way back to a place we might one day miss so much that we’d do almost anything to see again.
“Life rarely makes sense, but it seldom appears logical when we’re running for our lives from a future we fear won’t fulfill us.”

Trust me when I tell you: NEVER LET THOSE BRIDGES BURN. While it’s always possible to rebuild anything we’ve destroyed, time is never on our side, and what’s new is never the same as what was. Run if you feel it’s the only option, but leave your bridges standing, you’ll need them again when you come to your senses.